Thamilar Senthamarai Publications Ltd has brought forward to the South Asian community avast amount of knowledge and awareness via its print medium from 1992. Being a milestone after 19 years of aptness, Senthamarai Publications Ltd continues to strive for excellence and perfection, as it proudly presents to the South Asian community a visual presence, Tamil Entertainment Television (TET).

From local to international production, it has been a primary priority of TET to exhibit the best of what matters most towards the South Asian community. As of June 13, 2011 TET has established such a commitment by entertaining its viewers on Rogers Channel 129 from Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 9:00 am. Although being only on screen for half-an-hour, the immense amount of encouragement and support of viewers has enabled great growth and expansion of the channel in which TET expresses its sincere gratitude. As TET continues to excel, with our launch on December 13, 2012 of 24 hour service, being the first 24HR Tamil Channel  to broadcast in High Definition (HD) in North America via  the Bell Fibe Network channel 842, we are confident that we hold a promising road ahead of us. TET is a channel like no other in its commitment in bringing forth Tamil entertainment at its finest, as a broadcasting media that is solely based on entertainment programming.

Not only do we provide services that are visually appealing to the eye brought to you by our state of the arc HD studio, but our programming is one that is catered to all ages so that TET can be enjoyed by everyone. Our channel features shows from our partnering company in India, Raj TV, and also includes newly hand crafted shows from our studios in Toronto with some home town flavour to better suit our Canadian audience. We hope you are as excited as we are about the great entertainment TET has to offer, and believe that this journey ahead will only become more exhilarating.